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WonkaPup Adrian, from Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is the current 2nd runner up for the Mr. International Rubber title a proud supporter of the winner Preston So and 1st runner up Liam Clark, two great men who he considers brothers for life. WonkaPup competed at MIR representing south Florida as Mr. Florida Rubber 2016.


He’s easily got the biggest personality (not to mention the biggest bark) of anyone you’ll ever meet; just be careful, because he’s been known to bite from time to time.


WonkaPup enjoys romantic nights at home, long walks on the beach, as well as a friendly game of handball every now and all the time, and if you attended MIR, you know rosebuds and Sour Patch Kids have a whole different meaning to this pup!


WonkaPup is also a proud member of the South Florida Boys of Leather and has been for the last four years. He’s heavily involved with the South Florida community and a proud member of Mama’s family as Mama’s WonkaPup!


Disclaimer: If you happen to drink anything with vodka in it, do not let his big puppy eyes fool you; he’s been known to steal a drink or 10.

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