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What is Mr. New England Rubber?

Does seeing a man clad in shiny black rubber do something to you? Then you should come see a whole weekend full of men in rubber!

Mr. New England Rubber is a contest to choose the best representative of the gay rubber fetish community.
The contest is held yearly in the spring.

Who Should Compete?

Any gay or bi-sexual man from New England who has a genuine interest in the rubber fetish community is welcomed to compete for the title of Mr. New England Rubber!

More specifically, if chosen you will become a representative for our rubber fetish community.  You will be invited to attend local fetish events wearing your sash.  You’ll be asked to speak about your kink experiences.

You will work with the New England Rubber Men to plan and host local rubber themed events and social gatherings.

You will meet hundreds of gay men who just want to know that there is a whole community of rubber enthusiasts searching for a connection to each other. You will be a beacon of pride for our community.

History of the Contest

In 1992 the Boston Leather Knights created the Mr. Vulcan contest.

During the next two years, men in rubber from all over the east coast attended, competing in what became a legacy in the gay fetish community. Interest in the contest began to fade in 1995, and was subsequently moved to Chicago in 1996. The contest was renamed Mr. International Rubber: MIR. Since then, men in rubber from all over the world travel to Chicago with a black and shinny gleam of hope in their eyes, to be in rubber, among rubber men for an entire weekend of fun and debauchery.

In March of 2011, Richard Nordin became the inaugural Mr. New England Rubber.  He went on to become the first
runner up at the Mr. International Rubber contest in Chicago. His performance during the grab bag portion of the contest wowed the crowd when he poured a full bottle of maple syrup all over himself and his demo sub.

In 2012 his successor Jason Lynch went on to become Mr. International Rubber 16 (2013). His on-stage fantasy where a rogue Green Lantern shows up to collect the debt you owe from being rescued shocked the crowd when lights under his costume lit up.

In 2013, Justin Lissom became the third Mr. New England Rubber, and excited the MIR crowd and a Clockwork Orange themed fantasy.

2016 saw our second contestant to win Mr. International Rubber 20, Preston “Wex” So.

Mr. New England Rubber works to strengthen the gay kink community by hosting events, appearing in public and creating a welcoming sense of brotherhood and support. Don’t miss out on this amazing experience; you could be next!

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