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Russell Sweeney is from Boston, Massachusetts where he lives with his partner of 23 years. He first got into leather while attending Catholic grade school in Connecticut. “Outerwear was the only expression of self!” he writes. “We all had to wear uniforms but it was the older boys who wore leather jackets.” Russell has been into leather ever since. Always in the shadows, it wasn’t until he attended his first major leather event in Provincetown, MA — Mates Leather Weekend — that he received the title of First Mate. From there he went on to compete in and win Mr. New England Leather 2017.


Russell is a versatile man who tirelessly explores the world of leather, fetish and kink. He is collector of vintage leather and gear.


In his title year, he has helped AIDS Care Ocean State, Team Friendly, and has donated time to the History Project. He has also hosted BLUF at the Providence Eagle and volunteered at Snowbound in Provincetown, MA.

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