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Remi is the current Q F.L.A.G. 2015 titleholder and creator of ProNE Leather Pride Night. They’re a poly, non-binary, and queer paramedic who has dedicated their life’s work to the pursuit of the philosophies of selfless-service, volunteerism, and charity.

Since 2007, Remi has been an advocate for making educational opportunities available to younger kinksters as well as LGBTQ individuals. Additionally, they have provided medical support across the US for numerous events (becoming Medical Coordinator for The Floating World and the Leather Leadership Conference 2014) and aided in the foundation of Philadelphia Leather Pride Night as the Production Manager for the past 7 years. Between 2010 and 2012, they engaged in humanitarian efforts with Pacific Northwest homeless and activist populations before transitioning back East to aid Hurricane Sandy victims. Remi was pinned “Mama’s Occupy Medic” and received the 2014 David Peters Award for their contributions behind the scenes over the years.

Remi was a Finalist for the 2015 Northeast Pantheon of Leather Award.

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